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The Four Reasons Upside Down Collection AW21 is a peony-scented drama, where the hair is upside down and the

mind is free to be led by inspiration. The collection has surprising color combinations, plays with contrasts, and boldly takes a leap away from the path well trodden.

We love the real you. 💗




There is no gender for clothing in the wardrobe of freedom.
The film and photos feature inspiring role models from the LGBTIQ+ community. 


The campaign ’Right to be gorgeous’ is asking questions: Who is attractive, and who is allowed to be visible, why there are not many different people shown in media.

Media is creating it’s own picture of normal. Many times this definition is too narrow. Real normal would be showing diversity, but it’s difficult to remember that when media is filled with these one-dimensional messages.

We decided to choose another path. The campaign ’Right to be gorgeous’ was born by the urge to challenge the definition of beauty, and to show the regular, special topmodels.


Advertising Film for Samsung S21 Ultra

We were inspired by Samsung’s light purple and gold as an accent shade. The set design was guided by the idea of ​​a clear playful streamlined design. Imagery and story draws its inspiration from the top features of the phone’s camera. Each talent, Joalin Loukamaa, Roni Back and Jaakko Parkkali brought their own natural movement to this video.


Fashion editorial for Pap.

We are all unique piece of art. Connected through the big weave. We are one Army.


We painted the theme and the soul of Jenni Vartiainen’s iconic album ’Terra’ into the photo collection that carries the album name. We shoot the pictures in the rough wilderness of Iceland, and partly in our home studio in Finland.

Terra, as a third, last part, completes an album trilogy.


We created the visual world for the album ’Polaris’ by Chisu.


The truth
There are no mistakes
A hollow tree,
Pressing against time
A drop of lime will heal the crime
Hold the anger, hold the pain. I command thee: breathe
A sweet, a light
A drop of life
In this hollow tree will set you free
There are no mistakes
Noble, beautiful, queen.


Every person needs someone to listen to them and to be there for them, when going through distressing times.

We were honered to partnership with Mieli Ry. We are deeply grateful to the entire team and performers who put their hearts into this.

The funds from Mielinauha-collecting were donated for MIELI-assosiation to be used in crisis intervention in Finland, like crisis helpline and Sekaisin support chat for young people.


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