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About us two.

We have the vision. And a full house to build it into an image.

simelius simelius is an award-winning moving and still image directorial duo Nana and Juhana. Our business is built on love to house creativity and extraordinary people. For us, there is no vision too big to be produced into image with skill, experience, creativity and craftsmanship – and above all, the right people and a heated heart. With our network of experts in different fields, artisans and top talents, the impossible becomes possible either at our studio or at a location.

We are builders, problem solvers and creators.

The process always includes a deep dive into the details. It’s the little things that make up the big picture; it’s the little cracks that break an illusion. To build it strong, layer after layer must be created. We’re there through them all and all the way to the end product – with a steady hand and a proficient process.

We are measured by our work. 

It’s unique, it’s recognizable, and it’s extravagant. Our work is our art, the style always signed by simelius simelius. We create pieces with quality, drama, power, spirit, and ambition; pieces that cannot be looked away from.

We are humans and lovers of humans.

Our work celebrates life. The human side, the rich, and diverse, and beautiful. It’s a space we’ve built for those who should be seen and heard. We create for human eyes and the human heart – images to tell the stories that need to be told.

Join us. There’s room.



// simelius simelius is specialized in fashion, advertising, and portrait. Their clients include national and international companies of all sizes, e.g. Zalando, Samsung, Stockmann, Minna Parikka, BilleBeino, Meira, Finlayson, Finnish Defence Forces, Kalevala Jewelry, Aarikka, Four Reasons, Gigantti, Cutrin, Uhana, Iittala, Oras, Hálo, Mini, Ingman and several front row artists  for Warner, Universal and Sony Music.

Their work has been published in magazines such as REVS, Elle, Schön, Sicky, and PAP Magazine, and won the Emma Award for the best music video in the years 2017 and 2018. Emma is the most notable award in the Finnish music industry. Simelius simelius has awarted also in the most notable advertising awards in Finland: Vuoden Huiput and Grand One.

In 2021 simelius simelius started as Canon Ambassadors. The impact extends to the entire EMEA area and is a platform for creatives to share knowledge. 

simelius simelius produces its own creative work, co-produces with an advertising agencies’ in-house units and also work  as a partner with an independent production companies.

Nana Simelius

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+358 400675517

Juhana Simelius

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+358 405443188


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