Simelius Simelius
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Simelius Simelius

house of creativity

we create moving and still images with extraordinary people.


JP Palmulaakso Kira Muesa Juhana Simelius Karri Pöykiö Petteri Lehtinen (Grillifilms) Meri Milash Mirja Saijonkari Tuomas Järvelä Atte Heinonen Nana Simelius

Are you a creator of spectacular things, a wielder of a special talent or simply an extraordinary human being – and not here? You should be. We always have room for good people.

Simelius Simelius

We have the vision. And a full house to build it into a picture.

simelius simelius is an award-winning moving and still image directorial duo Nana and Juhana and our business built on love to house creativity and extraordinary people.

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